Urban hiking typically involves walking on a variety of surfaces, from sidewalks and streets to uneven terrain, so you’ll want comfortable, durable, and versatile shoes.
When choosing shoes for urban hiking, consider factors like comfort, fit, style, durability, and traction. Make sure the shoes offer sufficient support and cushioning, especially if you plan on walking long distances. Additionally, pay attention to the climate and weather conditions in your urban area to choose shoes that are suitable for the environment.
It’s always a good idea to try on different pairs, walk around in them, and ensure they are a good fit for your feet. The best urban hiking shoes will depend on your specific needs and preferences, so take your time to find the right pair for your adventures.
Here are some of the best types of shoes for urban hiking:
1. Trail Running Shoes:
Trail running shoes are designed for off-road terrain but work well for urban hiking due to their durability, traction, and support. Brands like Salomon and Merrell offer great options.
2. Hiking Shoes:
Low-cut hiking shoes are an excellent choice for urban hiking as they offer more ankle mobility than hiking boots while providing the necessary grip and support. Brands like Salomon, On, Columbia, and The North Face have urban-friendly hiking shoes.
3. Trail Walking Shoes:
These are walking shoes designed for off-road trails but can serve urban hikers well. Look for shoes with good traction and cushioning. New Balance, ASICS, and Salomon offer options.
What our guides wear:
Zoe wears the Salomon Pulsar Trail runner. Made for road terrain, it features soft and springy energy foam midsole for lively response. A higher stack height brings added comfort underfoot (i.e. maximum cushioning).
Shaun wears North Face Vectiv Fast Pack. This shoe combines a breathable, waterproof Futrelight membrane and cushioned midsoles with Vectiv technology that deliver comfort and cushioning. The Vectic mid is great for extra ankle protection.