Multi day hiking is a unique physical activity as it involves endurance, joint stabilisation and strength. The more physically and mentally prepared you are, the more enjoyable your walk will be.
This tour is designed for people who lead active lifestyles. As a indication, prior to the trip all guests should be able to:
  • Safely complete a 15 – 20km day walk on varied terrain including bush trails, inclines and street walking. Specific trail distances of the hike can be found in the trip notes
  • Keep up with the group at all times
It is your responsibility to read through the itinerary carefully and ensure you have adequate fitness for the proposed trip.
Guests must be in good health and have the appropriate physical and mental fitness to maintain a good walking pace for the duration of their walk. Some training and preparation work is required prior to departure. As long as you exercise regularly, are capable of walking an average of 17 km for three consecutive days, and are comfortable with varied terrain, you’ll be fine! There are obviously steep sections, however, this is part of the whole experience. Each day, there is plenty of time to sit and rest as well as explore, so you won’t feel rushed.
We recommend that you undertake some hiking specific training in the lead up, ideally starting 6 months in advance to allow your body time to become conditioned.
Hiking-training is more than just regular walking; your body needs to be prepared for not only the duration of the trek, but also the uneven terrain, hills, pack weight and slippery surfaces.
3-6 months before your walk.
If you have limited experience with long- distance treks, ideally you will get started with your training as soon as possible. We recommend starting with a more moderate training program, and gradually increasing the length/difficulty/duration of your walks.
3 months before your walk.
Map out a 7km hike in your area consisting of average hills and flat surfaces. Time how long it takes you to walk this distance (wearing hiking boots and a day pack). Complete this hike once per week. Each week, add an extra km to your hike. By the end of the month the goal is to walk 10km comfortably. This hike is a good chance to practice with a backpack with all the gear that you intend to take on your actual hike.
2 months before your walk.
The trekking tour is getting closer and now you are comfortable walking on different surfaces at different intensities. On the actual hike, you may be required to walk long distances on consecutive days in all weather conditions. Aim to walk 30mins-1 hour every day of the week, despite the weather.
1 month to go!
This is your “tapering” month, we recommend reducing the intensity of your training in this last month to avoid a burnout. The idea is to keep walking regularly, but decrease your intensity. The last thing you want to do is get an injury just before your walk.
As our tours are group events, the presence of even one person who is not fit enough to cope can potentially impact the experience for everyone else. We therefore ask that all group members carefully review the above requirements for our tour.
In accordance to our terms and conditions the company reserves the right in its absolute discretion to remove a guest to participate in a trip on medical or fitness grounds.
If you have any concerns of meeting the above requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us